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Many mortgage holders are unaware of mortgage protection life insurance. A mortgage holder with a mortgage protection plan is covered for their mortgage if they pass away. This type of policy also covers any monthly bills that may have accrued, such as credit card balances or car payments, until their family can take care or the bills themselves.

Powerhouse Insurance has been an industry leader for mortgage protection life insurance. We want you to know that our mortgage protection life insurance will provide your family with peace of mind and save them money and time costly legal fees associated with mortgage foreclosures.

We are constantly improving our approach and policies to provide you with better solutions. Our specialists are always available and eager to help you choose the best mortgage protection life insurance plan tor your needs!

Powerhouse Insurance has access to all the top-rated insurance carriers in the nation. Powerhouse Insurance finds the company that will give you the best coverage at the best price. Contact us to learn more about our mortgage protection life insurance plans!

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