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Medicare advantage insurance is designed to help individuals with Medicare get the coverage they need without breaking their budget. It's no secret that Medicare is not always easy on your wallet with out-of-pocket costs, however specific plans are available at zero cost that offer extra coverage for medication, dental, hearing, vision, and more!

Powerhouse Insurance specializes in Medicare advantage insurance and can offer you various options that will work best for your situation. Our agents also act as advocates for Medicare recipients when it comes to claims processing and other issues.

Powered by the years of experience our team has had with Medicare advantage policies, we know what works and what doesn't work for this type of insurance. Powerhouse insurance maintains an honest, down-to-earth approach with our clients to address their needs. Our agents are trained to look
into each clients current health history, medications, doctors, specialists, or any home health care providers, to find the best plan with the best benefits.

Our goal is to provide the best coverage with top-notch benefits so you can focus on living a healthy life without worrying about how much it costs. Don't wait any longer - set up a free appointment with our experts today!

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